About GD

Infanterie Regiment Großdeutschland is an Ohio based early war unit. This unit specializes in the following combat related impressions:
1./Inf. Rgt. GD. 4./Aufkl.Abt “GD”, 1./Sani.Kp. GD. Feldgen.Tr. 2 GD. and Strum-Pi.Btl. 43 “GD”. Our female members portray Wehrmachthelferin

As our ranks continue to grow, the aforementioned non infantry impressions will become fully functioning sub units. These sub impressions (Wehrmachthelferin excluded) also function as a standard infantry unit on an “as needed” basis.

The members that make up I.R. Großdeutschland come from various walks of life. We are largely located in Ohio, however, we do have members in Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.

Our co-founders decided to form this unit on August 22, 2015. Since then, we have taken the initiative to form an international network with various (non affiliated) German units, including fellow Großdeutschland units. This type of network is a unique tool that a lot of units do not utilize. In doing this, we hope to add more knowledge and depth to the overall representation of Großdeutschland. We feel that this is but one of the many factors that set us apart from other reenactment units.

While we continue to grow, our group works hard to maintain a small unit feel. We believe that a unit who takes the time to get to know it’s members is a unit that will function as a well oiled machine in (and out) of the field.

I.R. Großdeutschland does have access to a 400 acre farm in northern Kentucky for training events and tactical events. Our unit impression is based on the pre/early war period.

The members and commanders of Inf.-Regt. Großdeutschland believe that a unit’s reputation is built with hard work and dedication. We DO NOT, nor will we EVER take credit for the hard work, dedication, or reputation that other units have earned. We stand on our own merit and expect other units to hold themselves to the same high standards. Our mission is to portray Großdeutschland as accurately as possible.

If you are in search of a quality unit with a lot to offer, feel free to contact us.