Uniform and Kit Requirements

Uniform and Equipment Standards


Men's uniform:

Feldbluse: M36, M40, or M41 wool tunic
Langhosen: M37 Steingrau Langhosen or M40 Feldgrau Langhosen
Arbeitshemd: Prewar white or grey knit service shirt
Unterhemd: White Sport Shirt
Hosenträger: Trouser suspenders
Schiffkappe: M34 or M38 overseas cap with branch waffenfarbe (white piping)
Helm: M35 (double decal) apple green or pea green helmet
M40 (single decal) helmet with rough feldgrau textured paint
Gürtel: Heer belt buckle and belt
Stiefel: Jackboots or low boots with gaiters

Litzen: "collar tabs", for the M36 tunic, use mounted (wool backed) litzen with white waffenfarbe (infantry) or dark green (generic). For M40-M41 tunics, use unmounted litzen with dark green waffenfarbe (generic), or grey waffenfarbe (generic).
Breast Eagle:  Bevo M36 or M40-M41 Heer breast eagle. It should coincide with the the tunic you choose.

Shoulder Boards:
M36 tunic: Prewar "pointed" bottle green shoulder boards with embroidered "W", or white piped bottle green shoulder boards with embroidered GD.
M40-M41 tunics: White piped bottle green or feldgrau embroidered GD shoulder boards

Cuff Title:
M36 Tunic: Green Großdeutschland cuff title in Gothic script or Sütterlin
M40-M41 Tunic: Black Großdeutschland cuff with Sütterlin script

The black Großdeutschland cuff title with Latin script can be worn on M42-M43 tunics, or any late war impression tunic.

Basic Infantry Fieldgear:
Kar98k rifle
Kar98k ammunition pouches
Kar98k bayonet
M31 canteen with wool cover
M31 mess tin
M31 breadbag
M38 gas mask can
Gas Cape Pouch
E-tool carrier
Splinter A zeltbahn with poles and spikes
Original or reproduction folding "Spork" eating utensil strongly preferred.
Original or post-war Esbit stove made of aluminum or steel
Reproduction Heer soldbuch with photograph and personal information inside.
Original or post-war reproduction pocketknife of European origin

Women's Uniform:

Stone grey wool jacket
Stone grey wool skirt
Stone grey side cap with yellow piping
White service blouse
Black gaberdine tie

Cap eagle (Heer pattern)
Heer breast eagle (jacket & blouse)
Blitz patch (cap and jacket)

Grey/off black, or seemed stockings or pantyhose
Seemless dark grey/off black, or brown stockings or pantyhose are also acceptable.
White ankle or Bobbi socks (folded to ankle)

A full, or half, white slip should be worn with all uniform skirts/dresses

Must be low cut anklets, leather, black in color. Not patent leather. Lace ups. Reproductions that closely match the period style are acceptable. However, ridged rubber soles are not acceptable. Highly recommended is the Capezio Spectator Oxford Style # CG07 (See #4) or "Coquette" style by Clinic Shoes (See #1) Another excellent shoe is a Ladies US Navy Oxford (See #6) (Other examples pictured below)
Shoes above are: 1) "Coquette" style by Clinic Shoes 2) Ladies Oxford Jazz Shoe [Mfr. Unknown], 3) Aris Allen women's oxford, 4) Capezio Spectator Oxford #CG07, 5) Ladies Oxford Tap Shoe [Mfr. Unknown], 6) Ladies US Navy Oxfords, 7) Capezio Oxford Dance Shoes #370

Please note: The above listed legwear, undergarments, and footwear also apply to the DRK impression.


Buying The Right Items


There are many vendors items that you will never need, are not proper for a GD Soldat to carry or that are just plain inaccurate. It is our job to guide you when purchasing uniforms and equipment so you don't spend your money on unnecessary, substandard or unauthentic items.

That is why it is extremely important that you check with your Alte Hase/Mentor before you purchase anything. There are vendors that are approved by us, but that doesn't mean that everything they offer for sale is approved for you to wear or carry. ALWAYS check with your Alte Hase/Mentor first. Sometimes you may come across a good deal on original items. Keep in mind that they are 70+ years old. A pair of Marschstieffel (Boots) may look unissued and may fit you like they were custom made but after a few steps in them the stitching may be dry rotted and the whole boot may come apart.

The same goes with any leather or uniform items. We put our equipment through rigorous events and it must be able to withstand all that happens to it during the course of a tactical. Authentic reproductions can withstand what we put them through whereas originals may or may not make it. If you destroy a piece of original equipment the value goes with it. It is suggested that you purchase reproduction items where available and only use original items when there is no other alternative: ie; Gasmaske and Tragebusche fuer Gasmaske (gas masks and gas mask cans) and Spaten (E-tools). Remember this, once you buy your equipment and uniform you don't need to buy anything else unless you need to replace worn or unserviceable items.

The first investment in uniforms and equipment is the most important one so you'll want to get the most out of it. ALWAYS ASK YOUR ALTE HASE/MENTOR BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING!