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As one of the premier World War II German Living History Reenactment Units, 1st Kompanie Inf.- Regt. Großdeutschland (Die Feuerwehr). researches and presents the common German soldier of World War II as accurately and objectively as possible. We stress “objectively” because we concentrate on the military aspects of the German soldier. As a non-political organization, we DO NOT support or condone the politics which directed him.
In a modern era where much of World War II history is almost all but forgotten, members of Grossdeutschland strive to dispel the common misconceptions that abound concerning the German Army that fought during the last half of the 20th Century.


Reenacting and the National Firearms Act – How to be legal and knowing your rights

The purpose of this article is not to discuss the history of the NFA or its background. The purpose is to assist and educate my fellow reenactors on being knowledgeable, current and legal when it comes to firearms ownership. What is the National Firearms Act? … Continue readingReenacting and the National Firearms Act – How to be legal and knowing your rights

DDAY 2018

IRGD Had a great time at DDAY 2018. Special thanks to all the DDAY Staff that make the event possible. IRGD had a large turnout and photos will be posted shortly. DDAY is always one of the largest events of the year if not in … Continue readingDDAY 2018